Aircraft Simulators:
In today’s fast moving world, as the need for professional pilots has been seemingly increasing, it has been a necessity to train the pilots on the real-time scenario using simulated set-ups.

The simulation gears the user to focus on the integration, interaction, and correlation of all the components in the cockpit and provides them with a learning environment that is equivalent to the actual system itself. Aid them to understand the functioning of system under normal / faulty conditions through wide range of exercises. Evaluating trainers under standardized conditions.

AEPL provides Interface Electronics for simulators which help in simulation of several operations of aircraft like Aircraft to Ground operation, Aircraft to flight operations, Navigation weapon systems operation. AEPL develops various sub-systems which can simulate the operations of under carriage, hydraulic, electrical, pitch/roll/yaw, warning panels of cockpit that depict the real-time conditions. AEPL has persons who have worked on Sea Harrier - Sea King Maintenance Simulator & Mirage-2000 Simulator.