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ABI Electronics Limited was founded in was founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1984 as a limited company. The company produced the ICT-24, the world's first low-cost digital IC tester, and expanded rapidly as sales of this popular product grew.

A move from a small factory unit in 1985 was followed just two years later into much larger premises. The company grew steadily from there, opening a second factory in 1989 and in 1998 expanding yet again to its present headquarters in Barnsley, Northern England.

The trend of increasing complexity fault diagnosis products, at ever increasing prices, was broken by ABI in 1991 with the SYSTEM 8 Range which was designed and produced at a much lower cost while providing an unprecedented level of fault diagnosis capability.

The company is now selling more products, numerically speaking, than ever before, and is continuing to develop new products taking constant account of customer comments and suggestions. ABI have over 24 years experience of developing the highest quality testing and fault-finding equipment, backed by a global reputation for quality and service.

ABI Electronics Ltd is certified in accordance with ISO9000-2001. The system is based on our ongoing commitment to quality, professional fulfilment of our duties and constant expansion and development.
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